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                              Right Property at the Right Price

In today's market it is important to be represented by a Buyer's Broker in both residential and commercial transactions.  After all, the seller is represented by a full time professional.  You need to be on equal footing with your own full time professional.

As a experienced Buyers Broker and a former new home agent, I will accompany you through each step of the process. 

Selection:  Knowledge of the area, communities, local customs will allow you to select the right location and product in the least amount of time.

Contract Negotiation:  Information on what is selling and the sellers history provides tools for negotiation.  As a third party my personal feelings do not count.

Financing:  As a former  Mortgage Broker, I can add my knowledge to your selection of a mortgage.

New homes:  BEFORE visiting new homes, have a Buyers Agent register you.  This way he can negotiate on your behalf, get the incentives the seller may not tell you about, and provide knowledge of local Builders.  A Buyers Agent will visit your new home during construction.

Walk through and Closing:  Go with you on these important occasions.


1. Do not sign anything until every detail is worked out.

2.  Get a home inspection, problems show up after the one year warranty.

3.  Do not agree to use the builders lender without checking rates and closing costs.